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Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.0

Acronis Backup & Recovery helps you create backup copies of your data
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With the help of Acronis Backup & Recovery you can create backup plans and tasks to make sure that the data on your system is properly protected, as well as recover data from your computer or other remote systems.

The tool presents a highly-intuitive interface which will prompt you into taking actions immediately. The upper side of the main window allows you to access the main sections of the program, the most important being the Connectivity, Action and Tools sections. The first one allows you to manage your connectivity, meaning that you can easily access the machine you are currently working on or other remote systems by entering their names in the specified fields. You can also disconnect from a machine by clicking on the "Disconnect" icon.

The "Actions" section offers access to the main backup and recovery functions of the tool. This is the section that you will have to access in order to create new plans for your systems. You will have to select items you want to backup, set the location for backup copies and a schedule for the backup plan. You can set the tool to create backup copies for your files at precise dates and times, when the computer is opened or closed, etc. depending on your needs and preferences. After a backup plan is executed by the tool, you will be able to access the backup copy of the files in the location you have specified. The recover options are similar to the backup options, meaning that you can manually select what and when to recover.

The "Tools" section provides further functions for the efficient functioning of the application. By accessing this section, you can create bootable media on your system where you will be able to save the backup copies of the data you need to protect. Moreover, you can install or update components for the program, either on the machine you are working on or on other remote machines.

To conclude, Acronis Backup & Recovery is a useful tool that can be used by anyone for the protection of the data stored on various computers. The efficiency of the tool is provided by its user-friendly interface and the possibility to create backup tasks for other machines, as well.

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  • Backup data from other systems, as well.
  • Easy recovery of the data that has been saved.
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